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can i change alexa voice to jarvis

Can I Change Alexa Voice to Jarvis [An A-Z Guide]

Alexa’s default voice is effective at communicating with users, but listening to the same voice for years on end is bound to get stale at some point. Luckily, users can swap their Alexa’s default voice through the language options available on the App.

Alexa can also speak as fictional characters (such as R2D2) through active skills – and there were even celebrity voice packs available on Amazon! If you wanted to hear from specific characters like, say, the MCUs Jarvis, would that be an option for your Alexa device?

You can change your Alexa’s voice through their language setting – and you’ll have several options to choose from. Unfortunately, though, a Jarvis voice pack isn’t among them. If you wanted to change Alexa’s voice to Jarvis but decided to settle on other celebrity voice packs instead, we’ve got even worse news for you.  

As of 2023, existing celebrity voice packs are being discontinued by Amazon to keep expenses low. In time these voice packs will no longer be supported by Alexa devices – but thankfully, voice pack owners can get refunds on request through Amazon’s customer support.

While replacing Alexa’s voice with Jarvis is off the table, you can change your Alexa device’s speaking accent, gender, and even speaking rate – that’s still a ton of customizability!

Alexa Voices vs Alexa Voice Packs

Alexa voices are a compilation of different voices natively available on your Alexa device. These options are free to use and can sustain Alexa’s full functionality.

Alexa voice packs are paid sets that feature voice lines of fictional characters or celebrities, often highlighting their personality and humor. As a result, they usually can’t handle inquiries beyond their limited programming.

Here’s a quick table to highlight their key differences.

Alexa Voices Alexa Voice Packs
Price Free (Built into Device) Paid (Currently unavailable)
Status Supported with Updates Discontinued
Capabilities Uninhibited Limited

Alexa voices are a free side grade to the default Alexa voice. Alexa voice packs are a paid novelty that let you hear in-character responses from celebrity personalities (i.e. listening to Shaquille O’Neal’s jokes or getting ‘roasted’ by Samuel L. Jackson).  Sadly, a Jarvis voice pack on Alexa has yet to be made available – and the odds of it happening are looking pretty slim.

How to Change Alexa’s Default Voice

Changing Alexa’s speaking voice isn’t very hard to do, but you’d be surprised to discover how many Alexa users weren’t even aware this was an option!

We’ll show you just how easy it is to arrange – simply follow the steps below.

How to Change Alexa's Default Voice
chase alexa – 6
    1. In your Alexa app, tap “Device”, then select “Echo & Alexa”.
    2. Pick out the device you want to change Alexa’s voice on.
    3. Choose the “Device Settings” icon on the upper right.

Alexa Voice Options

    1. Look for “Alexa’s Voice” in that menu.
    2. Decide on your new Alexa voice!

The nice thing about Alexa voice options is that you can change them at any point you’d like! You don’t need to spend money or wait until the download completes as it’s already baked into Alexa.

Available Alexa Voices for Selection

Originally, this feature only provided 2 voice options for Alexa – one male and one female. Additions have gradually been introduced, leaving users with a decent list to choose from.

As of now, Alexa offers the following options:

    • American 1 (Default Alexa)
    • American 2
    • Australian 1
    • Australian 2
    • British 1
    • British 2
    • Canadian 1
    • Indian 1
    • Indian 2

The “1” voices denote female speakers, while “2” is for male speakers. Canadian 2 has yet to be made available, but it’s sure to come in an update – alongside even more Alexa voices!

Final Thoughts

Replacing Alexa’s voice for Jarvis isn’t possible as of now, and even older celebrity voice packs are being discontinued in a bid to mitigate employee layoffs! Do note that there’s a big difference between voice packs, voices, and voice profiles – we’ve covered the very last one in greater depth in a different article on the site.

The silver lining is that you aren’t stuck with Alexa’s default voice, with (as of writing) eight other unique voice options to choose from. These may not have the personality or comedic value celebrity voice packs have, but make up for it with their uncompromised responsiveness.