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Can I Connect Alexa to PS5

Can You Connect Alexa to PS5 [#Answered]

Sadly, you can’t connect Alexa to PS5s – the latter simply doesn’t support it. Using Bluetooth only lets you connect to Alexa or to your PS5.

You can technically connect your Echo Dot to your PS5 using a Bluetooth adaptor, but you can’t use any of Alexa’s features. Also, there are no official Alexa Skills for PlayStation – contrary to what other sources claim.

Other game consoles do support Alexa, though with limited flexibility. Unfortunately, we strongly doubt PlayStation will be bridging that gap anytime soon – they’re working on their own voice command support (“Hey, PlayStation”) that’s currently being previewed.

Many other sites will claim that you can connect Alexa to your PS5, but they’re either misinformed or lying about an impossible feature. We’ll go over and debunk a couple of common “solutions,” and then provide you with additional information about Alexa and game consoles below.

Can You Directly Connect Alexa to Your PS5?

Can You Connect via Bluetooth?

You can’t use Bluetooth to connect Alexa to your PS5 – at least, not without dedicated hardware like a Bluetooth adaptor. The PS5 has no innate Bluetooth support, and it’s unlikely that’ll change anytime soon.

While you can’t connect Alexa to your PS5, you can connect the Echo Dot to your PS5. You can do this via a Bluetooth adaptor, allowing you to play PS5 audio through your Alexa’s speakers. It wouldn’t be any different from other speakers though, as Alexa’s “smart” features like voice commands won’t be supported.

Here’s a simple summary:

  • You can connect Alexa to Bluetooth devices very easily – it’s commonly done to give users access to content streaming apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, and even Apple Music.
  • You can connect Bluetooth devices to your PS5, but only with dedicated tools.
  • You can connect an Echo Dot to your PS5 with a Bluetooth adaptor, but it’ll just serve as a speaker – there won’t be any support or integration with Alexa.

Alexa integration with your PS5 isn’t supported, and that’s unlikely to change. That said, if you just want to use your Echo Dot as a speaker it’s manageable – if a little tedious.

What About All Those PlayStation Skills on Alexa?

An Alexa Skills search showing that there is no official PlayStation Skill available.

Let’s put it bluntly: There is no official PlayStation Skill offered on Alexa. Sources saying otherwise are mistaken – you can even see this for yourself with a quick check on the app!

There might be some unofficial third-party skills that could connect Alexa to your PS5, but they’d be hard to trust and dangerous to verify. Even if you did stumble onto one that worked for the moment, a single update from PlayStation or Amazon could render it useless.

How Are Other Game Consoles Supported (Xbox & PC)

How to set up Alexa for Xbox | Alexa Smart Home

We won’t go into too much detail here, but both Xbox and PC do offer Alexa integration.

For the former, it’s done through a specific Skill you can download on the Alexa app. For the latter, it’ll be a Windows app you can install from the Microsoft store. This method permits the use of simple voice commands, letting Alexa boot up the console or change its volume.

It’s also worth noting that one game in particular, Dead Island 2, does offer dedicated Alexa support through an in-game menu. Rather than simply enabling general console options, it actually turns voice commands into a gameplay element! This only extends to Xbox and PC players though, so sadly you can’t connect Alexa to your PS5 to enjoy this feature.

Can We Expect Better Alexa Integration in the Future?

Alexa integration doesn’t look to be something PlayStation is working towards. In fact, they’re previewing their own voice command program in select regions. The current iteration of their program matches – and occasionally supersedes – Alexa’s capabilities with other consoles. This renders Alexa integration to the PS5 frivolous at best, and obsolete at worst.

While it’s not impossible for Sony and Amazon to negotiate some degree of cross-compatibility in the future, there’s simply no incentive to do that – for any of the parties involved!

Final Thoughts

You can’t connect Alexa to your PS5 – it’s already a struggle just to connect Bluetooth devices to your PS5! At best, you could connect a PS5 to your Echo Dot with a Bluetooth adaptor, but you won’t be able to use voice commands or other conveniences Alexa has to offer. There’s no official Alexa Skill that offers PlayStation integration, so don’t bother searching.

There are no concrete plans for changing that, and frankly no real benefit for either company – not with PlayStation already working to roll out their own voice command program!