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Connecting Gosund to Alexa

Connecting Gosund to Alexa [ Step-by-Step Guide]

While they aren’t quite as big a name as Google or Amazon, Gosund is a company that specializes in smart home technology – creating products that remain competitive with these tech giants at a noticeably lower cost!

How would you go about linking Gosund devices to your Alexa?

Well, connecting Gosund to Alexa can easily be done through the Alexa app, under the “Gosund” skill! Unfortunately, the app isn’t exactly known for its stellar performance – and there aren’t any workarounds if you want to use your Gosund with Alexa.

Gosund products come with advantages over Amazon smart devices. They’re cheaper to use, easier to set up, and accessible to more smart home brands. It’s best to use Gosund products if your home is filled with an assortment of different smart brands, while you should stick with Amazon’s catalogue if you’re only using their smart home products.

Connecting Gosund to Alexa is an excellent way to let you control those devices with voice commands, allowing you to enjoy a convenient, hands-free experience. But why use a Gosund instead of an Amazon smart plug? There are more reasons for it than you might expect!

Linking Gosund Smart Plugs to Alexa


Linking Gosund to Alexa is a two-step process. You’ll need to get the smart plug running before you can connect it to your Echo device.

Gosund Smart Plug - Unboxing & Setup!


Setting up your Gosund Smart Plug

  1. Plug your Gosund into a power source.
  2. Download the “Gosund” app on your phone (account signup needed).
    1. This can also be done by scanning the QR code included on the box.
  3. Your smart plug should be blinking blue to indicate that it’s trying to pair– select “Add Device” in the Gosund app to connect it to your Gosund smart plug.
  4. Test your Gosund smart plug’s functionality.

Connecting your Gosund to Alexa

  1. From the Alexa App, look for the “Gosund” skill in the “Skills & Games” tab.
  2. Enter all your login credentials.
  3. Link Gosund to your Amazon Alexa account.
  4. Enable “Discover Devices” on Alexa to find your smart plug.
  5. Now enjoy your newfound Gosund integration!

The “Gosund” skill on Alexa does have mixed reviews from many users – mostly well-earned, in our personal experience. Unfortunately, there’s no other workaround: you will need to use the Gosund skill to connect the smart plug to your Echo device.

But once this initial connection is established, you can comfortably get by controlling your Gosund mostly through voice commands on Alexa. The Gosund skill only needs to come up if you need to reset the smart plug connection or link new devices to your smart home.

Why Use a Gosund Smart Plug instead of an Amazon One?

GoSund Smart Plug

Most people see bigger names and assume they’re better, but Gosund is an underdog brand that’s competing with the likes of Amazon and Google – there’s a reason they’re still on the market!

Gosund smart plugs and lights are more affordable than their Amazon counterparts, making them a nice way to ease yourself into that smart home transition without feeling overwhelmed.

Their independent status is also valuable in terms of flexibility, as you can use smart-home products from other manufacturers without feeling constrained with your setup. Having Amazon smart plugs could make you feel like you need to restrict yourself to Amazon’s catalogue, which can end up quite expensive for personal use!

Generally, Gosund products are ideal if your smart home makes use of a big variety of different tech manufacturers. If your household is mostly made up of Amazon products, you’ll get better mileage, integration, and compatibility from using Amazon-sourced smart devices.

Final Thoughts

Connecting Gosund to Alexa is as simple as downloading it from the Alexa store and then following the instructions provided to log in to your account!

Gosund units boast respectable compatibility with many devices in the market, making them an amazing and affordable fit for smart homes utilizing multiple different tech brands to function.