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echo dot won't turn orange

Echo Dot Won’t Turn Orange? [ Diagnostic & Fixes ]

Alexa uses multiple different light colors to indicate critical information – orange light in particular is used to signal Wi-fi connectivity issues or an Echo device currently in setup mode.

The absence of it isn’t ideal, as it means your Alexa either can’t connect to the internet or can’t successfully enter setup mode – what can you do if your Echo Dot won’t turn orange?

Solid orange light indicates internet connectivity problems or that your Echo Dot is currently entering setup mode. Spinning orange light means that your device is in the middle of connecting to a Wi-fi network or installing a software update. If your Echo Dot won’t turn orange, it usually indicates an ongoing issue with your Wi-fi network.

You’ll want to restart your router and ensure your internet connection is stable, as entering setup mode needs network access to function. This problem is rare, so if fixing your Wi-fi doesn’t cut it your Echo device’s hardware or software may be compromised – get in touch with Amazon’s support team and sort this out ASAP.

Don’t worry too much if your Echo Dot won’t turn orange, as the most likely culprits are simple to settle – we’ll walk you through everything you need to deal with them below. In case neither way works, we’ll help you get in touch with Amazon’s support team too!

What Does Alexa’s Orange Light Mean?

Fix Alexa / Echo Orange Light Ring

(Meaning of Alexa’s Orange Light)

While most Alexa users commonly see their device light up blue or red, Echo Dots can light up to match a whole spectrum of different colors – each serving a unique purpose.

Most of these indicate specific settings being toggled, but orange lights are a sign that Alexa is having issues functioning correctly, especially for cases involving Wi-fi or software updates.

Solid Orange Light vs Spinning Orange Light

Solid light vs spinning light comparison

If your Echo Dot is showing a solid orange light, it means that it’s trying to connect to your Wi-fi network. It may also indicate that your device is currently in setup mode if you’ve just recently factory reset your Alexa.

If your Echo Dot is showing a spinning or otherwise irregular orange light, it means that your Alexa is currently connecting to your network. It may also signal a firmware update in progress for your Echo device, but that’ll rarely be an issue given how fast Alexa finishes updates.

If your Echo Dot won’t turn orange, it’s very likely a sign that your device can’t enter setup mode. The other issues may be possible causes, but it’s very unlikely – those tend to be quickly resolved with a router update and a connection reset. And getting Alexa to enter setup mode is one of the few cases where you want your Echo Dot to turn orange!

Entering Setup Mode On Alexa (Why Won’t It Work?)

You can get Alexa to enter setup mode through two distinct methods:

  1. Press and hold the action button for thirty seconds.
    • This won’t be an option for Alexa devices that lack dedicated action buttons such as the Echo Show.
  2. Access it through your Device menu:

How to factory reset the Amazon Echo Show

(Video guide)

  • Go to “Settings” on your Echo Show.
  • Open “Device Options”.
  • Choose “Reset to Factory Default”.
  • Accept the warning, then finalize your device reset.

It’s worth sharing that users could factory reset their Echo devices directly from the Alexa app, but the menu option needed to do so has been removed as of 2023.

Why Won’t Alexa Enter Setup Mode?

Note: While you can factory reset your device without Wi-fi, you cannot enter setup mode without a stable internet connection! Setup mode always connects to the internet to install the latest firmware updates. Your Echo Dot may not be turning orange because it can’t access the software it needs to properly begin setup mode configuration.

Also, your Echo Dot won’t turn orange if it isn’t getting enough energy. Be sure to check that your wall socket, power cable, and Alexa device are working properly supplying power.

Beyond that, setup mode shouldn’t be difficult for your Echo device to enter. It’s very rare for Echo devices to be unable to enter setup mode. If you’re sure that your internet connection and power sources are fine, your Echo Dot may have broken hardware or corrupted software.

In either case, you’ll want to get in touch with Amazon’s customer service team. They’ll walk you through every step of the way but remember to provide them with all the information regarding your situation – even details you don’t think are too important! Be thorough!

Troubleshooting An Echo Dot That Won’t Turn Orange

The first thing you want to do in these situations is to check your Wi-fi network. Disconnect Alexa and test the internet connection using other devices to see if your router needs to be restarted.

You could also use mobile hotspots to enable the setup process but remember that doing so will eat up a good chunk of your data plan!

Be mindful of physical obstructions like walls and ceilings, as these could interfere with your Echo Dot’s internet connection. Certain materials like concrete straight-up absorb Wi-fi signals!

The same problem applies to certain wireless electronics like landline phones, microwaves, and room monitors (i.e. baby monitors). Try moving your Echo Dot somewhere spacious and clear – at least three feet away from any source of potential electronic disruption!

If these precautions don’t help and your Echo Dot still won’t turn orange, it’d be a good idea to contact Amazon for assistance. Look for your device’s purchase receipt as well – their support team will need it to help you, and you might just fall within the warranty’s coverage period!

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry if your Echo Dot won’t turn orange – simply restart your Echo device and make sure your internet has stable performance, with as few disruptions as possible.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all you can do on your end, so if the problem continues, you’ll have to call Amazon and explore the options they offer.