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TCL TV Won't Turn On

TCL TV Won’t Turn On (Quick Fix Guide)

A TCL TV that won’t turn on can be resolved with the following methods:

  • Make sure the input source used is correct (Try this first!).
  • Power cycle your TCL TV.
  • Check if your power flow has any problems.
  • Factory reset your TCL unit (Always do this last!).

A TCL TV that won’t boot up tends to look worse than it actually is. You’ll just need to take a few minutes to troubleshoot and address what went wrong – no need to cancel your evening plans! Stay calm and careful, and we promise to help you through the worst of this issue.

Why is My TCL TV Not Turning On?

Ensure You’re On The Right Input Source

man double checking input source on TV

If you’re getting a standby light on your TCL TV without a working display, there’s a very real chance that you’ve set it to use the wrong input source. You won’t be able to confirm the other fixes work without a functional display, so always check for this possibility first!

Cold Boot Your TCL Unit

Cold booting your TV will never be a bad step to take while troubleshooting.

If you’ve noticed performance issues preceding your TCL TV not turning on, a power cycle might be exactly what you need. Soft resets like this will end all ongoing processes, letting your unit start from scratch – which is especially helpful for curbing memory leaks.

Memory leaks happen because your TV fails to reclaim memory used for certain tasks, even after their completion. TVs only have so much processing power to work with, so memory leaks will monopolize that resource and put a dent in your TCL TV’s performance.

The problem may also compound, either due to additional leaks, the existing leak worsening in severity, or a combination of both. A power cycle will always curb memory leaks caused by random software glitches and does so without modifying your device or user settings.

Check the Power Connection (Cable & Outlet)

Another reason for your TCL TV not turning on might be due to power shortfalls.

Some TVs can get by power shortfalls with limited functionality, but the majority of TV brands (including TCL) won’t be able to function at all. If your TCL TV won’t turn on, standby light included, you’ll want to check both your power cable and outlet for problems.

Power Cable Issues

damaged power cable

A damaged power cable is risky to use – it’s not just the cause of your TCL TV refusing to boot up, but also a potential fire hazard in your home! Patching up small cuts on your cable can be done with electric tape (and only electric tape).

Don’t bother if your power cable’s inner wires end up visible – at this point, just buy a new one from your retailer. We’d recommend bringing your old cable on that trip since it’ll help them narrow down exactly what you’re looking for!

Outlet Concerns

electrical failure in power outlet

Alternatively, your TCL TV’s inability to power on might be thanks to your outlet. Be sure to test that outlet’s functionality with other devices (i.e. Echo devices, consoles). While you could test your TCL TV with other outlets, it won’t always be feasible due to cable length constraints.

Power strips could help bridge the physical gap between your TCL TV and a reliable outlet, but it shouldn’t be a long-term solution. Power strips rarely come with surge protection, so on the off-chance a power surge kicks in your TCL TV won’t be able to safely divert the excess voltage.

Power strips are also at risk of overloading – especially when supporting multiple devices. If you have to use a power strip, try to reserve its use solely for your TCL TV.

Factory Reset Your TCL TV

If all else fails and your TCL TV still won’t turn on, it might be time to bank it all on a hard reset. Factory resets work by scrubbing your TV’s data in its entirety, leaving it roughly at its out-of-the-box settings. This means all your customizations, download apps, and credentials get flushed down the digital drain.

It’s not a decision one should make lightly, but it gets the job done against almost every type of software problem you’re liable to encounter on your TCL TV.

While TCL TVs do employ multiple different OS types (Roku, Firestick, and even their own homebrew OS for older units) they’re all leveraging the same hardware, so don’t worry about your version’s OS type – it really won’t matter if your TCL TV can’t even turn on!

Older TCL TV units (especially those using TCL OS) have a pretty big chance of possessing a reset button on the back of the unit. This button is “embedded”, and will more closely resemble a screw port than any sort of external button. Access this via paper clip or ballpen, then hold the input down for at least twenty seconds to guarantee the factory reset.

Newer models that rely on Android OS can try out certain button combinations to get by, such as holding “Volume – “ and “Power” inputs. The combinations are liable to differ between models, and there’s no guarantee your unit would even support the feature.

It’s still worth trying out because there’s simply no other dependable alternative available – at least, alternatives you can use without a working display! Past this point, you’ll have to rely on TCL’s support team to see you through the problem.