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How to Use Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker

How to Use Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker (No Wi-fi Needed)

Pairing your device to Alexa via Bluetooth can be done by navigating a quick menu interface in about four steps – we’ll cover it in greater detail later.

Using your Echo device this way lets you take advantage of its hardware, but features that need internet access – notably voice commands – will be suspended. You’ll be restricted to audio-based content like music or podcasts while using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker.

Being able to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker is pretty easy, even without Wi-fi. We’ll walk you through everything you need to do and what to expect from this arrangement down below.

Using Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker without Wi-fi

How to Set Up

To set up Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker, you can follow these steps:
Link Alexa to Bluetooth

  1. Open your Alexa app, click “Devices”, then go to “Echo & Alexa”.
  2. Choose your preferred device (not all devices will allow Bluetooth streaming).
  3. Under “Bluetooth Connections”, link with any previously paired device available.
  4. If the device is unavailable (or if the device is new) click on “Connect a Device”.

To disconnect your Bluetooth device from your Echo device, say “Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth.”

What Can You Do on an Echo Device Without Wi-fi?

Using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-fi lets you “borrow” your Echo device’s speakers and microphone, allowing you to stream content from whatever source you’d like.

Doing it this way lets you circumvent the need to use Alexa skills, allowing you to cherry-pick and play specific songs on your Echo Dot even when it isn’t permitted by your subscription. You could use it to stream Soundcloud on your Alexa, or even play Apple music without using voice commands! You can do a lot more than that – without requiring Wi-fi at all!

That said, you’ll be parting ways with voice commands while the internet is out. Alexa needs internet access to run even simple queries and commands through Amazon’s cloud-based servers. Baseline Alexa functions like alarms and routines still work without Wi-fi.

Using Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker (Common Questions)

Does my Device’s Brand Matter?

If you’d like to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-fi, we’re happy to say that the source device doesn’t matter at all! You could even use an iPhone for this, despite the fact that Apple is a pretty noteworthy competitor to Amazon.

Most phones produced in the past decade come with built-in Bluetooth functionality, but devices without this feature can still skirt by using Bluetooth accessories.

All in all, you just need a device with Bluetooth support – nothing else will get in your way!

Do I Need to Install the Alexa App First?

Where to find the Alexa app
Fortunately, you don’t need the app installed to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker. Though it is worth sharing that the Alexa app can only use Wi-fi to interact with your Echo device – you won’t be able to use Bluetooth to circumvent a lack of stable internet.

You’ll still be able to make changes on the Alexa app, but they’ll only take effect once your Echo device reconnects to Wi-fi. This is because changes made on the Alexa app are stored directly on Amazon’s cloud-based servers rather than on your device.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a Bluetooth connection is simple to manage, regardless of the device, and it even lets you bypass certain Alexa skill limits. Though you don’t need Wi-fi to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker, it’s worth noting that you’ll be locked out of certain Echo device features while offline.