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Element TV Won't Turn On

Element TV Won’t Turn On [Here’s How to Fix It]

If your Element TV can’t turn on, be sure to look into the solutions below:

  • Replace the batteries in your Element TV’s remote.
  • Double check your unit’s standby light – is it active?
  • Ensure that your TV’s power supply is working as intended.
  • Cold boot your Element TV to terminate all running tasks.
  • Factory reset your Element TV (only as a last resort).

It’s important to understand why your Element TV won’t turn on, as each potential cause warrants completely different approaches. We’ll be going over every specific solution and teach you which situations they’re best used in below.

Why Won’t My Element TV Turn On?

Replace Your Remote’s Batteries

If your Element TV won’t turn on, there’s a small chance that it’s actually your remote that’s at fault – TV remotes need a certain amount of energy to effectively convey your commands. A power shortfall here could lead to inputs being dropped, delayed, or outright misinterpreted.

To rule this possibility out, try turning off your Element TV manually. You’ll find the power button around or right under your Element TV’s logo, and should be activated in a single press.

It’s worth mentioning that pressing the power button on your Element TV only puts it into standby mode – in contrast to a full power cycle, which ends all of your unit’s ongoing processes.

Check If The Standby Light Is Active Or Not

The standby light’s status is very useful to determine why your Element TV won’t turn on.

If your Element TV’s LED indicator is active, it means that…

  • It’s getting enough power to operate (at least in a low-power state).
  • It has some form of network connection active.
  • It can pair with Bluetooth (model-dependent).

An Element TV that won’t turn on despite an active standby light usually means software or communication problems – random glitches, corrupted firmware, or signal interference.

In contrast, an Element TV that won’t turn on and lacks a standby light often indicates hardware failures – broken LED indicators, compromised motherboards, or damaged voltage regulators. Or it might just mean that your Element TV was left unplugged!

While the problems may seem similar at a glance, the solutions they’d warrant aren’t interchangeable – treating them like they are would prove ineffectual. Be sure to determine the type of issue you’re dealing with and act accordingly.

Double Check Your TV’s Power Supply

A power shortage could easily render your Element TV unable to turn on. It also has the added effect of shutting down your TV’s standby light, so keep an eye out for this sign.

Energy shortfalls mean that some parts of your supply chain (power cable – outlet – power grid) malfunctioned. We’ll walk you through how to troubleshoot each segment below.

Power Cable Problems

damaged power cable

A damaged cable may have issues regulating power flow, which may lead to performance hangups (and will certainly pose a fire hazard!). It also places additional strain on your TV’s components, shortening its expected lifespan.

If your power cable has small abrasions running down its length, you may be able to patch them up with electrical tape. Don’t bother doing so if the internal wiring got exposed – anything that cut deep enough to reveal that likely severed something important.

Pay attention to twists in the cable too – especially if your Element TV was installed very close to the wall. These knots can increase electrical resistance, subsequently weakening the cable’s insulating sheathe.  Try to ensure that your power cable is under as little strain as possible.

Outlet Issues

If your power cable works fine, your Element TV may be unable to turn on because the outlet isn’t functional. This is a bigger problem for TVs, as power cable length limits the number of accessible outlets for your unit (unlike “portable” devices like Echo Dots). You can test for this issue by cycling between devices for that particular outlet.

Should the problem lie with the outlet, cover it up and use a different one. If no other outlet is accessible for your Element TV, a power strip may be able to provide a little more reach. Most power strips don’t offer surge protection, so try to limit the number of devices using it at once – in fact, we’d recommend reserving its use solely for your Element TV.

Electric Grid Failures

Should the problem persist between outlets, it may be time to consider potential grid failures. While electrical grid failures are rarely going to be the reason why your Element TV can’t turn on, it’s worth considering even this remote possibility if the earlier suggestions won’t work.

Electric grid failures will affect your entire home system simultaneously (i.e. flickering smart lights, unresponsive Alexa servers, TVs constantly restarting). If it happens often at peak usage hours (i.e. everyone is home), it may indicate grid strain.

You can try to mitigate this by turning off or unplugging unnecessary electronics in your household, but electric grid failures often indicate issues with your power supplier. Try giving them a call or checking their social media page to get a rundown on what happened.

Soft Reset (Power Cycle) Your Element TV

Power cycle your Element TV

Power cycling your unit is always a good step to take if your Element TV won’t turn on. While most bootup problems stem from physical limitations, they may also be caused by random glitches cropping up at inopportune times.

A quick soft reset will end all ongoing processes for your Element TV, reclaiming all the processing power that was delegated to those tasks. This is very helpful to address memory leaks and corrupted data and has the added boon of bolstering your Element TV’s performance.

Simply unplug your Element TV’s power cable, wait for a few seconds (to let the capacitors properly discharge), then plug your Element TV back in.

Contemplate Factory Resetting Your Unit

Factory resetting your TV is a heavy-handed move, but it may be the only thing left to try if your Element TV still hasn’t turned on. A factory reset purges your TV of all personalized data – apps, custom settings, cached data, and even account credentials!

The most common way to factory reset your TV involves navigating through certain settings. Unfortunately, you won’t have this option available if your Element TV can’t boot up.

The only way to perform a factory reset without a working display requires users to press the embedded reset button on their Element TV for at least ten seconds. The location of this button should be noted in your model’s included user manual.

If it doesn’t come up, your model may not support that feature. For users who happen to be out of luck, it may be worth trying to contact Element’s support team for guidance.