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firestick remote flashing yellow

Firestick Remote Flashing Yellow (Quick Fixes to Try)

Amazon’s Firestick product line enjoys a good reputation for their reliability, but it’s not unheard of for malfunctions to crop up after some time. One of the more confusing issues occurs when your Firestick remote flashes yellow, rendering you unable to use the app entirely.

Why is your Firestick remote flashing yellow? What can be done about it?

Your remote might just be at low power, so swap out the batteries to see for yourself. It’s also possible that your firestick remote is unable to pair with an appropriate device – either due to connection issues or there simply being too many others linked to one device. 

Your Firestick app could be due for a firmware update – or it could very well be in the middle of one right now! There’s also a chance that your remote is defective or otherwise damaged. Lastly, your firestick remote might be affected by electronic interference.

If your Firestick remote flashes yellow, it’s usually a sign of either a power or pairing issue. The other possibilities following these are much less likely, but by no means impossible. Feel free to go over the rest in case your initial troubleshooting attempts have proven unsuccessful.

Why Is My Firestick Remote Blinking Yellow?

It Might Be at Low Power

If your Firestick remote keeps flashing yellow, it might be due to a power shortfall. This leads to your remote being unable to communicate with the source Firestick device – effectively cutting off the paired connection until the disparity is resolved.

The simplest way to solve the issue is by replacing your Firestick remote’s batteries with a spare set. If you don’t have spare batteries but just want to check, find another device that uses the same type of batteries and swap them out for a bit to troubleshoot.

Your Firestick Remote Isn’t Paired Properly

Firestick remotes blinking yellow often denote a connection problem. The longer a pairing connection persists, the more likely it is to develop performance issues. It might even reach a point where your remote won’t work with your device – despite it still being listed as paired!

Here’s how you can re-pair your Firestick TV:

HelloTech: How to Pair Your Fire TV Stick Remote

  1. Press the “Home” button on your remote for ten seconds.
  2. Your remote will then blink yellow rapidly.
  3. The confirmation of your pairing will then appear on screen.

Adding a new device – even another Firestick remote – requires either a Firestick remote or the app to facilitate the process. Here’s how you can handle the task with another Firestick remote:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Navigate to “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices”.
  3. Select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes”.
  4. Choose “Add New Remote”.

If you’d rather use the Firestick app, the process above still applies. The only difference between using the app and the remote are the credentials needed to login on the former.

Are There Too Many Paired Devices?

If the pairing attempts are going well despite no other notable issues cropping up, the problem might be linked to existing devices linked to your Firestick TV.

There might be multiple Bluetooth devices trying to connect with your Firestick, making it difficult for your Firestick remote to pair successfully. Even having too many paired devices in your Firestick TV’s history may cause confusion and make it difficult to establish a connection.

Your Firestick App is Outdated

If your Firestick device isn’t updated, it may encounter incompatibilities with your remote. This can lead to bugs impairing responsiveness or even a complete inability for your remote to communicate with your Firestick!

Here’s how to check for updates on your Firestick TV:


  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Navigate to “My Fire TV”, then “About”.
  3. Update your Firestick as needed.
    • At default settings, your Firestick TV should regularly update on its own.

Your Firestick Remote is Currently Receiving an Update

There’s a slim chance that your Firestick remote is flashing yellow because it’s in the middle of an update! If your Firestick remote has pairing issues, it’ll flash yellow the moment you boot your device up. If it’s updating, the blinking light will only kick in after your TV is fully on.

Of course, it’d be hard to tell with such a small difference. Don’t worry though – turning off your Firestick remote in the middle of an update shouldn’t have any long-term consequences. We’re just bringing this possibility to your attention to be thorough.

A Firestick remote update should only take a couple of minutes to install, so you’d realistically only be able to tell if your Firestick remote happened to stop flashing yellow suddenly!

Your Firestick Remote is Defective or Compromised

If your Firestick remote keeps flashing yellow, it’s usually a pairing issue – but if the other methods didn’t cut it, maybe it’s your hardware being problematic. It could have been subjected to a bad fall or extreme temperatures, causing some potentially debilitating damage.

Unfortunately, damage of this nature is difficult to troubleshoot without a closer look. We wouldn’t advise you to tinker with your remote without supervision. Instead, get a hold of your Firestick remote’s receipt and contact your nearest Amazon service center for an appraisal.

The one silver lining is that the Firestick device itself shouldn’t be compromised. You could still do critical processes using the app or other tools.  You could even factory reset your Firestick even without a remote, if need be.

Your Firestick Remote is Contending with Lots of Interference

There’s a possibility that your Firestick remote is flashing yellow due to local interference. This can be caused by electronics in the vicinity like microwaves or AC units, but even physical barriers like walls or support pillars could contribute to this problem.

Do note that anything that’d affect your Firestick remote this drastically would affect your Smart TV as well – alongside other devices nearby. One electronic you need to be mindful of is baby monitors, as they often overlap with devices that depend on Wi-fi or Bluetooth to communicate.

Final Thoughts

It can be concerning when your Firestick remote flashes yellow and stops responding suddenly, but it’s usually hinting at a connection issue. Just keep calm and go through the list above as efficiently as you can manage, and the problem is sure to sort itself out in no time flat!