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Peacock Not Showing Up on LG Smart TV [ Causes and Fixes]

Peacock may not show on your LG TV for multiple different reasons:

  1. Your LG TV may not support Peacock (outdated operating system).
  2. Your network connection is too poor to stream Peacock.
  3. Your LG TV is bugging out (power cycle it to fix!).
  4. The LG TV App store may be down or malfunctioning.
  5. Peacock’s servers could be contending with technical issues.

There are a few possible reasons why Peacock isn’t showing up on your LG Smart TV. We’ll go over the more common possibilities below – along with how to deal with them.

Why Isn’t Peacock Showing Up on Your LG TV?

LG TV Software Not Compatible with Peacock

LG TVs exclusively use a certain operating system called webOS, with only version 3.5 and later capable of running the Peacock app. Using LG TVs that don’t have the right version of webOS will make Peacock unavailable for download on your LG TV’s content store.

LG TVs released during the year 2020 are constrained to older versions of webOS – with version 3.0 being the upper limit. TV brands only offer updates for firmware, not operating systems, making it impossible to upgrade your webOS to a version that supports Peacock.

If you’d like to check your LG TV’s current web OS version, follow these steps:

How to Check Model Number in LG LED Smart TV? (LG39LB650V)

  1. Navigate to “Settings”.
  2. Go down to “General”.
  3. Scroll all the way down to “About This TV” to find your webOS version.

Do note that not having the right version of webOS simply means that your Smart TV can’t support Peacock innately – you could still run Peacock on your LG TV through other tools like a streaming box, stream stick, or even a game console.

Wi-fi Connection Can’t Support Peacock

Peacock is a content streaming platform that needs a stable network to function properly. An inconsistent network connection will hamper your Peacock stream quality, while an exceptionally poor connection could render the app unusable altogether!

You can investigate this by disconnecting your LG TV from its current network and reconnecting it after a few seconds. This reset ought to deal with most network issues.

If the problem persists, try testing your Wi-fi network on other devices like your phone or PC. If the internet works fine there, it confirms that your LG TV is the issue. If the internet isn’t working, it means that the problem lies with either your router or your service provider.

For the former case, restarting your router is the next step to take. Make sure to wait for about twenty seconds before plugging it back in to ensure your device reboots safely.

On the slim chance the problem continues, it means that something went wrong on your service provider’s end. Get in touch with them to sort this out ASAP. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to wait a couple of days until they can spare a technician.

Using Mobile Data

If Peacock isn’t showing up on your LG TV because of Wi-fi problems, you could opt to connect your device to a data hotspot. Doing this is a great way to run streaming apps like Peacock in a pinch, but it shouldn’t be seen as a permanent solution.

At standard definition, Peacock consumes over half a GB of data per hour of content streamed, which can go through your entire data plan in a matter of days. We’d like to remind you that this is on the lowest resolution – HD uses a whopping 1.5GB per hour!

You’re welcome to use mobile data to troubleshoot network connectivity problems or even polish off a couple of episodes on Peacock but remember that this is a stopgap fix at best.

LG Smart TV Might Be Bugging Out

It’s also possible that Peacock isn’t showing up on your LG Smart TV due to random glitches.

These unintended developments are perfectly normal – especially if your LG TV is old or has been running non-stop for a long while. These bugs can be hard to notice, and may not even be replicable, so trying to isolate and list out each possible cause would be pointless.

Instead, we’ll give you a solution that’ll work for 99% of these issues: power cycle your TV.

Cold booting your LG Smart TV terminates all running processes, freeing up device memory that may have been trapped by memory leaks. It also clears your TV’s cache, improving performance and purging corrupt or obsolete data.

Your TV’s operating system (webOS for LG) gets the opportunity to load back from scratch, mitigating the chance of encountering unwanted interactions. It even resets your Wi-fi connection, curbing any connectivity issues that may have been bothering you.

Turning the device off and on again has been staple advice in the tech industry for decades and might just be exactly what you need to do to get Peacock back on your LG Smart TV.

Your LG TV’s App Store Is Malfunctioning

While some streaming apps are constrained to certain Smart TV brands, Peacock has been confirmed available to download for all LG units that support webOS version 3.5 and above. If you aren’t seeing it available, your LG TV’s content store might be having issues.

There are other steps to deal with a malfunctioning app store, like restarting your TV and reconnecting your Wi-fi, but we’ll skip those since they’ve already been covered above.

Clear App Cache

If Peacock isn’t showing up on your TV’s app store, you’ll want to clear its app cache. Doing so removes all compromised data, potentially letting Peacock display on your store again. It also has the added perk of freeing up memory on your LG TV.

LG Smart TV Error Out Of Memory - Fix It Today

  1. Navigate to “Settings”, then move to “System Settings”.
  2. Launch “Application Manager”, which displays all your apps.
  3. Select the App you need cleared (Peacock).
  4. Simply Select “Clear Cache” and wait until completion.

Use this method if you’ve noticed only Peacock is gone from your LG TV app store.

Update Firmware

Your app store problems may also be thanks to a lapsed firmware update. This one will be easy to identify, as you’ll be missing several apps (not just Peacock) for no real reason.

Here’s how to guarantee that your LG TV’s software is properly updated.

LG Smart TV: How to Update System/Firmware Software Version

  1. Open “Settings”, then scroll down to “All Settings”.
  2. Scroll down to “General”, then to “About This TV”.
  3. Click “Check For Updates”.
  4. Optional: Toggle “Allow Automatic Updates”.
  5. If a new update is available, a notification will pop up on-screen. Select “Yes”.

Peacock Could Be Having Their Own Issues

It’s also possible that the problem is centralized entirely on Peacock’s end. Their servers may be down, making Peacock’s entire content catalogue inaccessible. You can check for this on most social media, though we prefer using downdetector for expediency.

If the problem is serious or involves data security breaches, LG may temporarily pull Peacock from the app store. This hasn’t happened yet, but if Peacock suddenly won’t show up on your LG TV app store this possibility possibility may be worth investigating.

In any case, you won’t be able to do anything beyond wait for Peacock to give an update.