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ADT Doorbell Blinking Red

Why is My ADT Doorbell Blinking Red [Quick Guide]

An ADT Doorbell that’s blinking red is trying to cue you in on the following issues:

  • Impending power shortfalls
  • Unreliable Wi-fi network
  • Wear-and-Tear
  • Server Malfunctions

Seeing your ADT Doorbell blink red randomly can feel quite overwhelming, but most of the common culprits are easier to resolve than you’d think! We’re more than happy to help you figure out what to do, so just keep calm and follow our guide below.

Why Won’t My ADT Doorbell Stop Flashing Red?

It’s Not Getting Enough Power

symbol for low battery

ADT doorbells need a certain amount of power to function properly, so a shortfall renders it unable to keep up with its expected workload.

If your ADT Doorbell is blinking red, its internal batteries might be running low – this is a last-ditch effort to conserve power and get your attention before shutting down.

This would only apply if your ADT Doorbell is a model that utilizes internal batteries. If it’s a model that’s hardwired to a power source, a power shortage will simply lead to a shutdown.

An ADT Doorbell that’s not getting enough power will likely have performance issues like delayed/ignored inputs, poorer video quality, and audio problems. If you notice anything like them crop up while using your ADT Doorbell, it’s probably time to swap its batteries out!

Your Wi-fi Network Is Acting Up

No wireless connection / no internet access sign

Wi-fi plays a very important role in your ADT Doorbell’s functions, as it relies on a stable network to relay and communicate critical information.

Without it, your ADT Doorbell won’t be able to handle tasks like alerting users, catalogue recordings, or even exercise basic responsiveness to user inputs!

Your ADT Doorbell might blink red to indicate two different communication issues.

The first possibility is outright connection loss, which effectively cripples your ADT Doorbell. It won’t be able to handle live monitoring, existing smart-home functions, or on-the-fly user notifications, making it far less effective at keeping your house safe.

The alternative is a partial connection loss, most associated with signal strength issues. Lackluster signal strength will affect your ADT Doorbell’s real-time responsiveness and may be the cause of intermittent service disruptions and other inconveniences.

If you have a hunch that it’s network issues causing your ADT Doorbell to blink red, try testing the Wi-fi strength on your phone. This helps you figure out if the problem is isolated or network-wide. You could also screen for this issue by connecting through the ADT+ mobile app.

It Might Have Been Worn Down and Damaged

An ADT Doorbell shouldn’t be blinking red once the two reasons above have been covered, so the issue at hand might be due to incurred damages affecting its performance.

ADT Doorbells typically last for about five years of dependable use, though that lifespan could fluctuate depending on the type of model you own and how many people use it on a daily basis. For example, if your home has a high bit of foot traffic (i.e. people leaving for work and returning home) your ADT Doorbell might get worn down a bit quicker than you anticipated. 

This problem could also be exacerbated by harsh weather conditions.

Snowy weather will affect certain components in your ADT Doorbell, making them more brittle. It also has the effect of reducing battery efficiency – something to be wary of if your ADT Doorbell happens to be a model that uses internal batteries.

Even when the cold weather relents, the snow and ice will melt and condense within your device. This could lead to corrosion damage or even short-circuit your ADT Doorbell!

Extremely hot weather poses a different concern. There’s an immediate risk of overheating – especially if your ADT Doorbell isn’t under a shaded area – that threatens its effective lifespan. Heat has also been known to singe or even warp plastic and rubber segments of your device.

Try to avoid placing your ADT Doorbell in areas that are overtly exposed to the elements. If that can’t be helped, take some precautions against extreme circumstances.

Insulate it in thick, breathable material in cold weather. Be careful not to use materials that trap moisture and heat, and never use flammable components! For warmer areas, placing your doorbell under a shaded area should suffice.

ADT’s Servers Could Be Malfunctioning

Lastly, there’s also a chance that your ADT Doorbell is blinking red because of server troubles. ADT servers facilitate many key functions that put ADT Doorbells above their competitors.

In fact, the servers handle so much that an offline ADT Doorbell basically leaves it as a very limited motion sensor. Even the camera feeds aren’t guaranteed due to cloud storage being unavailable, so the footage is either saved to a local storage device or ends up completely gone!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do if ADT’s servers are malfunctioning. You can check social media or to confirm if the issue is indeed on their end, but the troubleshooting effort is all on them. At this point, it’s best to just hunker out and wait for their update on the situation.