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How to Reset Gosund Smart Plug

How To Reset Gosund Smart Plug (2 Quick Ways)

Power cycling and factory resetting are two options for resetting your Gosund smart plug. Which option to go for depends on your reasons for resetting the device – factory reset for major issues and power cycle for small glitches.

Thankfully, both methods can be done in no time. We’ll walk go over what each has to offer and help you figure out the best way to reset your Gosund smart plug for your particular situation.

Resetting Your Gosund Smart Plug in 2 Quick Ways

Power Cycle Your Smart Plug

Power cycle (Gosund how to reset)

A power cycle (or soft reset) cuts power to the plug before restoring it. Fast and hassle-free, this reset often resolves temporary glitches or connectivity problems – making it a tried-and-tested first fix for many common smart plug issues!

More importantly, power cycling doesn’t erase user and device data, such as custom settings, Wi-Fi credentials, paired devices, and automated schedules.

If you’re troubleshooting minor errors with your Gosound smart plug (or have just started troubleshooting), we highly recommend power cycling to reset your device first. Here’s how to do this hassle-free procedure:

  1. Unplug your Gosound smart plug from its outlet and wait at least 1 minute. This discharges any built-up power in your device.
  2. After 1 minute, plug your device back to the outlet.
    • For best results, use a different outlet to test it properly. Avoid using power strips for this – especially if other devices are connected.

After power cycling, check if the problems with your Gosound smart plug were resolved. Most minor issues should be settled this way, minimizing the disruption to your smart home setup. If the issue persists, you’ll likely have to hard reset your Gosund smart plug.

Initiate a Factory Reset

A factory reset (or hard reset) erases all data and customization saved on your Gosound smart plug. Essentially, it resets the device back to its original state – best for major technical issues, transferring ownership of the device, or pairing it to another app.

Unlike power cycling, a factory reset wipes your Wi-Fi credentials, outlet naming, usage schedules, automation programs, and connected devices or accounts. This includes pre-existing connections to third-party apps like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

That said, we strongly recommend performing a factory reset only if you’re willing to reconfigure your Gosund smart plug device from scratch.

If you’re willing to go that far, here’s how to initiate a factory reset on your Gosund:

Factory reset (Gosund how to reset)

  1. Open your Smart Life Home or Gosund app and navigate to the Gosund smart plug you wish to factory reset.
  2. Tap on Edit (pencil icon) on the top-right corner of the screen. This will open your device settings. Scroll down and select Remove Device or Remove Device – Clear Data.
  3. Confirm your decision on the prompt that appears. For good measure, update your device by selecting Device Update in your device settings.
  4. Your smart plug will need to be paired again. Press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds and follow the normal pairing and configuration procedures.

Factory resetting delivers a clean slate that can resolve stubborn smart plug issues, though at the cost of wiping settings, customizations, and prior integrations with other devices. Once again, only factory reset if you’re willing to reconfigure your smart plug.

Power Cycles vs Factory Resets

If you suspect minor glitches in your Gosund smart plug, then power cycling (or soft resetting) is the way to go. Handy for undetectable but easily fixable bugs, this method doesn’t erase custom settings, WiFi details, device pairings, or schedules.

However, factory resetting (or hard resetting) is the better option for persistent or problematic issues. This returns the plug to its out-of-the-box state, allowing users to reconfigure everything to their preferred settings.

To be extra thorough, you can choose to power cycle your Gosund smart plug first before factory resetting it. By combining a soft and hard reset, you’d cover all potential software issues.