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Turning on Element TV without remote

Turning On Element TV Without a Remote (Is It Possible?)

You can turn on your Element TV without a remote simply by pressing the built-in power button on your unit – though you won’t be able to control it without external buttons.

Using third-party remote apps isanother way to connect with your Element TV, allowing your phone to function as an ad-hoc remote for as long as you need it to.

We’ll go over both options in a bit more detail below – keep on reading!

How Do I Turn On An Element TVs Without My Remote?

Use The Power Button

If you need to turn on your Element TV without a remote at the ready, going for the power button should be your first course of action. While TVs have shifted focus from external buttons to embedded ones, power buttons have mercifully remained untouched – most TV brands (and all Element TV models!) will have an easy-to-access power button

TV technology might have shifted general focus from external buttons to embedded ones, but power buttons remain unaltered by this trend. Most credible TV brands (and all Element TV models!) will have an external power button readily accessible – it’s usually right under your TV logo, but may occasionally be found at the back panel of your unit.

Using the external power button should be a reliable way to turn on your Element TV without a remote, though you’ll need to ensure that your TV’s standby light is active first.

Unfortunately, all it guarantees is that you’ll be able to turn your Element TV on and off. Your actual options to control it, without a remote, depend on the buttons your model has available. If the LED indicator can’t light up, it usually means that your Element TV won’t turn on – we’ve covered how to handle that possibility in another article on our site.

Common External Buttons

Beyond the power input, you can usually expect volume buttons somewhere on your TV. It’s such a critical convenience that even TVs in 2024 still have them as a mainstay feature.

You’re also likely to find a button that allows users to navigate between input sources, letting them swap over to connected streaming boxes or gaming consoles without a remote.

You may also find channel buttons on your TV, though these rarely offer meaningful support given the stream-centric entertainment scene nowadays. 

All in all, it’s just enough to turn your Element TV on without a remote – though little else. External buttons can deliver broad changes immediately, but don’t offer users enough flexibility to effectively make use of their Element TV.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround for people who can’t use their Element TV’s remote!

Using Third-Party Remote Apps

When remotes stop working as intended, remote apps serve as a common fallback for many Smart TV owners.

These apps are actually so useful that some brands like Firestick endorse official versions for consumer use. Unfortunately, other brands may end up discontinuing this service (i.e. Insignia Connect) – and many more never even had official apps to begin with!

While Element TV has no official remote-control app in circulation, there are plenty of unofficial programs that can do the job quite well. The majority of these programs are either completely free or follow a “Freemium” business model (free version with limited features), making them an accessible option for users in a pinch.

In fact, some remote-control apps even let users configure their preferred layout from a pool of preset options, allowing them to select the remote model they’re most comfortable navigating.

3rd Party Element TV Remote App

Here’s our recommendation!

The main limitation at play is that third-party remote apps tend to rely on Wi-fi to communicate with the TV, which can be a problem if your TV isn’t connected to an online network (or if it’s connected to a different one than your phone!).

The specific app we mentioned above was prioritized because of its usage of IR, allowing it to control even disconnected/offline Element TVs. That said, it’s far from the only app of its kind available – if you find a better option for your needs, don’t hesitate to use it.