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Spectrum Keeps Dropping Internet

Spectrum Keeps Dropping Internet (Troubleshooting Guide)

Your Spectrum may be dropping internet connection for multiple different reasons:

  • Insufficient hardware (modem/router) capability.
  • The modem may be overheating.
  • Router placement provides poor signal.
  • Performance has bogged down over use, requiring a power cycle to reset.
  • Peak hour congestion in your region.

It’s understandably frustrating to deal with your Spectrum internet constantly dropping, so patience is key to rooting out the problem  as efficiently as possible. We’ll walk you through everything you ought to know to handily wrap up any Wi-fi issues you encounter.

Why Is My Spectrum Internet Constantly Dropping?

Your Modem and Router Can’t Keep Up

network problems due to inadequate Wi-fi router

If you’re noticing your Spectrum internet dropping frequently and repeatedly throughout the day, chances are it’s this hardware issue at play.

People renting modems from Spectrum need to be wary of this, as stock limitations may leave you with an older modem and router set that can’t keep up with the service.

Old modems may not be fully compatible with the current generation of signal formats your ISP uses, while old routers won’t be able to handle too much traffic in your home network.

If your Spectrum internet keeps dropping, even with just a single device using the network, it’s likely that your modem has performance issues hampering it.

You could opt to get a new modem and router to ensure your hardware stays relevant, but it’s not strictly necessary – and it’s certainly going to get pricy! If you can afford to wait a bit, get in touch with Spectrum’s customer support team and request a replacement set.

Be sure to emphasize the frequency and regularity of your Spectrum internet dropping. Additionally, note down and share your device’s model number, as it’ll give them a solid lead on understanding the exact piece of hardware you’re handling.

Upgrading your hardware may incur extra costs with your current rental plan, but we can assure you that having a stable network connection is worth the investment.

Your Modem Could Have Overheated

Even if your modem should be sufficient for your needs on paper, it overheating periodically could easily explain why Spectrum keeps dropping your internet.

Modems work like digital translators, receiving signals from Spectrum and converting it to a format your devices can understand. This functionality gets impaired when your modem overheats, as your device limits performance (thermal throttling) to reduce the risk of permanent damage.

Reduced performance in these cases manifest through lower network speed, reduced bandwidth cap, and more frequent disconnections throughout the day.

Contemporary modems typically don’t overheat on their own – it’s usually a result of poor ventilation or residual heat from the vicinity (often from other electronics).

To avoid this, ensure that you’ve placed your mode in a well-ventilated area with good airflow – preferably above ground-level. Keep it far away from other heat-generating electronics, and never place it close to any flammable objects (i.e. books, carpeted flooring).

Your Router Placement Needs To Be Reconsidered

Poor router placement could be the reason why your Spectrum internet constantly keeps dropping. Routers can be seen as traffic directors, taking the decoded signals your modem provides and distributing it to your home’s network of devices.

Router placement directly contributes to its signal strength – with poor positioning leading to weaker signal and increased frequency of disruptive connection drops.

Router Placement Guidelines

When placing your router, avoid enclosed spaces (i.e. covered shelves) as these make it much harder for the signal to spread in your household. Avoid corner placement as well, as corners induce uneven signal distribution and weaken your router’s overall coverage.

Walls and doors may dampen your router’s signal, but it’s only a significant concern if there are too many obstructions in the way (or the obstruction is noticeably thick). Additionally, keep your router away from devices operating with 2.4 GHz frequency bands, such as microwaves, baby monitors, and certain types of cordless phones.

All in all, you’ll want to find a spot for your router that’s relatively centralized in your home, spacious enough to spread signals evenly, and elevated to provide ideal coverage.

Your Hardware Is Due For a Power Cycle

If Spectrum keeps dropping your internet, it may be a sign that you’ll need to power cycle your Wi-fi setup – both modem and router.

Both devices accumulate temporary data and other cache files while in use. Ironically, this serves as a “shortcut” to allow websites and other services to load faster – the problem comes when too much data is stored, reducing processing power. These devices may also fail to return the memory after completing functions, leading to something known as a memory leak.

A power cycle clears all of this temporary data, putting performance back to optimal levels. Think of it as the digital counterpart for spring cleaning. Power cycles also end all ongoing processes, handily alleviating any memory leaks in one fell swoop.

Power Cycling Guidelines

Power cycling is as simple as turning the modem and router off, wait for about thirty seconds for residual electricity to discharge, then plugging both devices back in.

When you do this, remember to turn the modem off before your router. This is to ensure that your router has some time to process all its data packets, ensuring a clean start on boot up. Be sure to turn the modem back on first, so you have internet up before your router initializes.

Peak Hour Congestion is Throttling Spectrum Internet

busy office affecting Wi-fi network performance

Lastly, Spectrum internet constantly dropping may not be a problem with your home setup at all, but a byproduct of network limitations in your region. Your region may have less server infrastructure allocated to it, greater population (and user) density, or a combination of both.

Spectrum tries to maintain ample network performance for their target region, but this balance may get thrown off during high-demand hours. If you notice your Spectrum plan consistently dropping internet on Saturdays, it could be caused by the influx of weekend users.

Unfortunately, network congestion isn’t really something you can work through – this is because the issue lies with Spectrum’s server infrastructure. It’s noticeable while using streaming apps like Peacock, leading to poor stream quality or frequent error messages.

In these situations, you’ll need to work around these constraints and minimize its impact. Try scheduling your heavy internet usage (i.e. game updates, streaming shows) to off-peak periods. If your streaming app allows it, consider downloading shows for offline playback.