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“Something Went Wrong” Bug on Peacock (Fix Now!)

If you’re constantly getting “Sorry, something went wrong” on Peacock, try the following:

  • Refresh your browser’s webpage (Browser users only).
  • Troubleshoot your Wi-fi network – it may have weak signal strength.
  • Check your Peacock account billing – your subscription may be expired.
  • You’ve got too many users streaming on one Peacock account simultaneously.

While these occurrences may happen a little more often than we’d like, the problems causing your Peacock to display “Sorry, something went wrong” should be easy to address. We’ll share everything we know about the topic to help you handle this error as quickly as possible.

Explaining “Sorry, Something Went Wrong” Error on Peacock

You Need To Refresh Your Page (For Browser Users)

For browser users getting “Sorry, something went wrong” on Peacock, the first thing they ought to try is reloading their page. Refreshing the page forces your browser to reconnect with Peacock’s servers, clearing any random errors and outdated cache data that caused your problem.

While it’s less common for Peacock users to watch on internet browsers rather than the official app, the main advantage of this setup is that reloading the Peacock page on a browser is much quicker than force-closing and restarting the app.

On that note, we’d actually recommend running Peacock on browsers instead of the app if your Wi-fi connection is unreliable (i.e. while traveling abroad).

Your Local Network Is Weak or Congested

No wireless connection / no internet access sign

Peacock’s “Sorry, something went wrong” error may be caused by a poor local network.

Peacock is a streaming service, so their performance is especially hampered by insufficient bandwidth. This renders it unable to support the data stream, leading to packet loss, buffering, and outright disconnections with “Sorry, something went wrong” popping up.

Restarting your router helps mitigate the issue, as it forces your router to refresh all of its network connections. This should be enough to get your Peacock’s connection to a degree of stability. If your Wi-fi network is congested, though, it won’t address the root issue.

Having multiple devices depending on the same network will slow bandwidth to a crawl, even if the overall network speed should be more than enough on paper. It’s partly a system resource limit – your internet plan may offer high speeds, but it’s functionally dependent on your router’s capabilities.

If your router can’t sustain the bandwidth, you won’t be able to utilize the full scope of your data plan. Your performance will be ruined by lag, random packet losses, and poor stream quality while using Peacock.

You can reduce your Wi-fi network’s congestion by reducing the number of connected devices and troubleshooting. Be wary of devices with long-running processes (i.e. offline downloads) as they’re very data-hungry, throttling your home Wi-fi network until the task concludes. 

Your Peacock Subscription Has Problems to Settle

Additionally, “Sorry, something went wrong” on Peacock may be caused by subscription issues.

By default, Peacock subscriptions are set to automatically renew at whatever intervals you set on the initial subscription. If your Peacock subscription got terminated abruptly, it was probably an issue with your payment scheme (i.e. declined or expired credit cards).  

Here’s how to check your Peacock account’s billing information:

  1. Log into your Peacock app/account on your browser.
  2. Tap “Account” from your profile.
  3. Open “Plans & Payment” and view your transaction history.


Geo-restrictions limiting content availability for Peacock users

If you notice Peacock’s “Sorry, something went wrong” only pop up with specific programs, the problem may be due to your account’s geo-restrictions.

Peacock regulates their content catalogue differently between regions, so some programs won’t be authorized for release in your region. The worst part is that Peacock draws no distinction between content you can watch and content inaccessible for your account – you’ll find out only when trying to play it, which is understandably quite frustrating.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps with this issue, encrypting your data and obfuscating your region to Peacock’s servers.

To test if Peacock’s “Sorry, something went wrong” error message is due to region-locked content, enable a VPN and try watching again – be sure to set it to a region that can access most of Peacock’s standard catalogue (i.e. any state in the USA).

There Are Too Many Users Streaming On One Account

This may come as a surprise, but Peacock enforces a concurrent stream limit for account holders. As of 2024, you’re only allowed to run three streams at a time across different devices.

Trying to stream on an additional device will greet you with the error message “Sorry, something went wrong”. This happens even if all three devices are on different Wi-fi networks.

You may also get other warnings like “Too many devices are streaming at once” or “Sign out of other devices to start watching.”, though we’re unable to determine what causes each message.

If you’re getting error messages like this despite the other troubleshooting measures taken, take a moment to consider who you’re sharing your Peacock account with. Give them a call and try to work out a schedule to ensure that your account stays under the stream limit.

There’s a chance that someone accidentally left their Peacock stream running on TV, taking up one of the available slots with them none-the-wiser. To reduce the chance of this happening, we’d recomment turning off the autoplay feature on Peacock