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What is Quickstep on Android Phone? (Simply Explained)

In navigating your Android device, you’ll encounter various features designed to enhance your experience, one of which is Quickstep.

Definition of Quickstep

Quickstep is the default launcher for Android devices. As a launcher, it is the application that allows you to interact with your home screen, access apps, and manage tasks.

It operates in the background to provide a fluid interface for transitioning between apps and accessing recent activities on your phone.

Significance on Android

Quickstep’s role on Android is pivotal as it serves as the primary means of navigation. Its existence on your device ensures that app switching and task management are streamlined, facilitating an efficient and user-centric experience.

This functionality is built into the system and is integral for the seamless operation of multitasking capabilities on Android phones.


The compatibility of Quickstep on your Android phone ensures that you have a seamless user experience while navigating between apps and managing recent tasks.

It is vital to understand the specific devices that support Quickstep and the Android version requirements to ensure optimal performance.

Supported Devices

Quickstep is compatible with a variety of Android devices. However, it is primarily installed on stock Android phones, such as the Google Pixel series.

Your device’s compatibility may vary, and while it is more commonly present on devices without additional manufacturer customizations, it can potentially be used on a broader range of phones through app installations or updates.

Android Version Requirements

To run Quickstep, your Android device must meet certain version requirements.

It is designed to work harmoniously with the latest versions of Android, adapting to new updates and features.

The minimum Android version that supports Quickstep generally aligns with the version present on devices at its launch.

For the most accurate information, refer to the app details on your phone or the latest information available on the Quickstep launcher.