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Do ONN TVs Have Bluetooth? #Answered

Here’s a quick rundown regarding the question of ONN TVs and Bluetooth.

  • Non-Smart TVs typically won’t come with Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Smart ONN TVs released in the year 2023 are more likely (not certain!) to have Bluetooth than units released before that.
  • If you’re getting Bluetooth features with a TV that shouldn’t offer it, you might have a streaming box connected to your ONN TV doing the heavy lifting.

Figuring out whether or not your ONN TV has Bluetooth can be confusing, but the answer is thankfully pretty standard across their product line (unlike Hisense TV’s error codes!). We’ll walk you through some of the more overlooked details of this arrangement below.

ONN TVs and Bluetooth – Everything You Need to Know!

Do TVs Typically Come With Bluetooth?

Bluetooth logo next to a Bluetooth speaker

The situation is a tad complex, so we’ll try to break down the pertinent info:  

Normal (non-Smart) TVs rarely, if ever, come with native Bluetooth support, regardless of manufacturer or brand. Smart TVs may come with Bluetooth support, but the chance of this goes up if that model has been released within the last five years.

Bluetooth compatibility is a secondary feature for TVs, so you’ll be more likely to find this with brands that pride themselves on their robust catalog of features (i.e. Amazon Firestick TV) over brands focused on consumer accessibility (i.e.Insignia TVs).

What About ONN TVs?

As per our research into the matter, ONN TVs are known for cost-effectiveness and availability, so they’ll have fewer models with innate Bluetooth compatibility than the competition.

While they’ve been releasing Smart TVs since 2019, ONN TVs confirmed to come with built-in Bluetooth are sparse. The oldest model with Bluetooth functionality we’d found was released in 2023, and even the unverified claims only go as far back as 2022!

While there has been a marked increase in television units bundled with Bluetooth, it’s safe to say that the feature is far from guaranteed for most ONN TVs. It’s a luxury for TVs, which makes it a low-priority addition for a company focused on consumer accessibility.

How Am I Getting Bluetooth Features Now?

Some people can make use of a ton of Bluetooth features like connection to wireless speakers, stream content control, and even Alexa integration – without ONN TV Bluetooth! This can leave users of older-model ONN TVs  confused, but there’s an explanation for it.

While only a handful of newer-model ONN TVs have Bluetooth compatibility, the majority of streaming devices do! Everything from Chromecast to Roku and Firestick provides Bluetooth support for connected TVs. ONN even has its own line of streaming boxes available for purchase, which might have even come bundled with your ONN TV!

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you purchased an ONN TV and received an ONN streaming box as part of the set. The setup process for your ONN TV may have happened at the same time as your streaming box’s installation.

It’s not unreasonable for users to forget that the latter isn’t actually part of their ONN TV package. Content streaming is pretty instrumental for most TV owners in this day and age, but the streaming box itself is just an accessory for your TV.

If you have a non-Smart ONN TV that’s somehow enjoying Bluetooth-only perks, you’ve probably got a streaming box plugged into your unit. The same applies (to a lesser extent) to certain accessories like streaming sticks or Bluetooth adaptors. Make sure to unplug all accessories linked to your home TV if you want to find out for sure!